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The Drupal Kata is a project-based learning program that provides training in a wide range of areas ranging from site planning, drafting proposals, project management, information architecture, development, design, infrastructure, to Drupal workflows and community. It does this by pairing apprentices with a mentor or mentors, thus gaining exposure to real-world scenarios and connections with the local and global community. The knowledge transfer allows apprentices to become proficient, contribute back to the community, and retain the skills for gainful employment in the field of their choice.


Call for Drupal Mentors!

**The Drupal Dojo and Drupal Kata are in search of Mentors!**

Current Mentoring Opportunities

Atrium Blog 1:31pm Sep 1, 2010 Drupal Open Learning Initiative content has moved! eric_sea 0 comment(s)
Atrium Blog 11:48pm Aug 3, 2010 Modulecraft looks like a valuable project with plenty of compliment gusaus 1 comment(s)
Atrium Blog 3:04am Jun 15, 2010 What is this site '' and Why is work on the Drupal Dojo being done here? eric_sea 0 comment(s)
Atrium Blog 6:09pm Jun 14, 2010 Defining Drupal Competencies eric_sea 0 comment(s)
Atrium Blog 3:05pm Jul 28, 2009 Providing the Open Media Platform (next steps?) gusaus 3 comment(s)
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